Barix is proud to present the newest Exstreamer M400 IP audio decoder. It has a completely upgraded hardware and a new software supporting AV professionals needs. 

Our engineers leveraged the company’s 20 years of IP audio experience in developing the Exstreamer M400. The decoder combines high-performance audio processing, with a programmable architecture, big buffer, three layer-security approach, and extensive features including a free system configuration tool for easy installation.  

The Exstreamer M400 is ideal for pro AV applications including background music, paging, SIP/VoIP integration, and emergency notifications. The device features stereo, line-level, analog audio output with RCA-type connections and can decode streams in MP3, AAC-HE, FLAC, PCM, Opus, and Ogg Vorbis formats. It also supports SIP and secure SIP in peer-to-peer and server modes.

The Exstreamer family is well-known for being robust and reliable while staying cost-effective. With the Exstreamer M400 we continue these traditions and offer an extensible and easy-to-deploy decoder platform that supports the latest technology standards. 


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